version 2016


New menu screen to quickly access test libraries, test data, and test profiles


Fatigue Damage Spectrum

Improved Multi-file processing, UI enhancements, and updated file statistics

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Complete List

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Navigator Menu

The new navigator menu allows users to view their test library, recent test results, and even the most recent test profiles that have been used. Direct links to Vibration Research University, tutorials, and other instructional videos can also be found in the navigator menu. Online content can also be pushed to the navigator menu where users can access VR’s latest software innovations and articles.

video: New Navigator Startup menu in Version 2016

Fatigue Damage Spectrum

Batch convert multiple .rsp files, Batch import and export multiple files to and from Clipboard, easily change FDS settings and apply to all scans without starting over, additional file statistics, and many additional enhancements to the user interface and graph display window.

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video: Batch import and export with FDS


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