version 2014

Transient Capture

Trigger on any level, averaging pulses, new graphs & graph markers


Fatigue Damage Spectrum

Additional functionality with multiple waveforms


Pretest Intelligent Startup

Pretest Intelligent Startup now available in both Random and Shock modes

waveform editor

VFW Editor Enhancements

Now cut, crop and scale a waveform in real time in the VFW editor

Graph Navigation

Graph Navigation

Pan/Zoom keyboard shortcuts and arrow keys for data point selection

accelerometer database

Accelerometer Database

Add datasheets and calibration documentation to accelerometer database


New Sine Plot

New Cycle Count vs Frequency Plots for SRTD and Dwell Sine tests


HTML Email

Now include graphs and other html formatted items in email notifications

complete list

Complete List

Check out the entire list of version 2014 enhancements (password required)

Transient Capture Enhancements

Trigger on any combination of channels. Plot an average of multiple captures in Microsoft Excel®. Graphs for Transfer Function, Coherence and Phase are now available, as well as graph markers for pulse peak and pulse time.

Read more about Shock Transient Capture

video: Transient Capture enhancements in Version 2014

Fatigue Damage Spectrum

Now calculate the combined fatigue of multiple waveforms in our Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS) software, as well as overlay and compare multiple waveforms on a single plot.

Read more about Fatigue Damage Spectrum

video: Multiple waveforms with FDS

Pretest Intelligent Startup

Pretest feature in the Analyzer option now includes intelligent startup in both Random & Shock modes. Pretest uses a low level drive signal and looks at the control & response channels to predict what will be needed at full level. Analyzer's intelligent startup now uses what was learned during pretest in the full level control algorithm. (Requires Analyzer Functions option).

Read more about the Analyzer Functions option

video: Pretest Intelligent Startup in Shock mode

Waveform Editor Enhancements

Now cut, crop and scale waveforms in real time within the waveform editor.

video: Edit waveforms in real time

Graph Navigation

New graph navigation keyboard shortcuts are available in Version 2014. Pan/Zoom with CTRL and up/down arrows. Selecting your data point is even easier now with left/right arrow keys.

video: New graph navigation shortcuts in Version 2014

Accelerometer Database Attachments

Attach accelerometer datasheets and calibration documentation in the accelerometer database.

video: Accelerometer database attachments

Cycle Count Plots

Plot Cycle Counts on Sine dwell and Sine Resonance Track & Dwell (SRTD) tests.

Read more about Sine

video: Cycle Count vs Frequency plots

HTML Email Notification

Now include html items such as graphs in your email notifications with the Web & Email option.

Read more about the Web & Email option

video: Email notification including graphs


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