VR9500 Revolution Controller

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  • iDOF™ Road Tour


    Join us for a FREE Lunch-N-Learn during our iDOF Product Launch national road tour. Look for a tour stop in your area.

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    Career Opportunities


    Opportunities are now available to join a growing company serving global markets.

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    A2LA Accreditation


    Vibration Research is now accredited by A2LA for calibration.

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  • 26,000 Lines of Resolution

    lins of resolution

    Incredible 26,000 spectral lines - only available with VR. Minimize unwanted low frequency displacement and more.

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    Fatigue Damage Spectrum


    Measure your product's fatigue and calculate its lifespan.

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    Our Passion


    Watch a short video and see how passionate Vibration Research is about vibration control systems.

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  • Dual Axis Phase Control


    Control up to two shakers for sine, random and shock testing with dual phase control output.

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    Go Green


    Save electricity with our remote I/O option. Configure your amplifer and blower to turn off when testing is complete.

    Free Optical Wedge App

    Wedge App

    Download VIBKIT's Optical Wedge App for free today.

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  • VR Mobile App

    imobile app

    Download the VR Mobile app for your apple or android device.

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    Put the damaging acceleration peaks back into your random testing through VR's patented Kurtosis control.

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    AC-Tolerant Fused Inputs


    Controller protected against accidental input transients up to 200VAC with auto-reset fuse.

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Innovators in Vibration Control
Experienced, industry leaders offering state-of-the-art vibration controllers for electrodynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers.

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Calibration, Support & Training

We offer comprehensive after-sales support including calibration services and training programs. Visit our support page for more details.

VibrationView Software

Software Upgrades

Upgrade your VibrationVIEW software to version 2015 and take advantage of all the new features.

We also offer Upgrades & Support Agreements which provide you with these upgrades.

Electrodynamic Shakers


Check out our line of low force electrodynamic shakers (up to 500lb-f/227 kg-f). They have excellent high frequency capabilities and are used for both modal and general purpose testing.